Who are we?

The main objective of our fund -controlled by the King Baudouin Foundation- is to financially assist orphans who are supported by Tanzanian local host families.

Daily Support
The first assistance to orphans is to provide them what they need to allow them to live with decent living conditions. We offer host families food, clothing, school supplies and medical assistance.

Donations received by Mara Kids Fund via the King Baudouin Foundation will be used directly to help GRA’s program for the orphans and their foster families. GRA controls the flow and the proper use of these gifts and is helping about 200 orphans. The objective for Mara Kids Fund is to include the orphans who are currently on the waiting list (for lack of funds).

In addition to education and first aid care, several side projects are also supported such as cultivation of medicinal plants, tree planting, training of local staff.

Children are in school during the week. In addition to the daily support and basic school supplies, we offer them a supervising team which, every Saturday, is offering them a variety of activities: sports, drama, permaculture, drawing classes as well as preparation for the entrance examination for high school. We have already set up a classroom equipped computers and internet connection. Of course, familiarity with computers is a first step. Our ambition is to offer English courses online, in partnership with Belgian children. On both continents, the children learn English at the same pace to communicate in a common language which they learn together.