We are looking for people who can help us in many ways.
The most important for us at the moment is raising funds to achieve our goals of help and support.
The first volunteering action is to talk about us.
Any help is welcome in order to:

  • Make us visible by talking about our project and mentoring programs;
  • Help us get appointments in companies to solicit funds;
  • Interaction between the Tanzanian orphans and European children by offering them English classes in small virtual classes on the net.
  • Represent us in sponsored walks or other (20 km from Brussels, …)
  • In a second step, in addition to raising funds, we are interested to meet you if you can give us a teaching aid in the development of our English courses in e-learning.
  • Lessons conception and design,
  • Implementation of e-learning;
  • Giving lessons or workshops.

Although the experience of teachers and professionals of e-learning is an asset, any goodwill is welcome.
Any administrative support is also welcome.
Finally, it is of course possible to help us there. It should be noted that the Fund is not able to pay stipends or refund any expenses incurred from volunteering with us (accommodation, transport, vaccines, …). However, GRA offers meals to volunteers at their office in Musoma Town and Permaculture Training Center in Kinesi Village. If space allows, they can also offer lodging at the training center in Kinesi.
Volunteering is still very rich in human contact and will bring you a wonderful experience there in terms of support for children and various projects (eg permaculture).