The program began a decade ago. The first orphans supported are now adults.
It is a pleasure to be able to hire them in this project.
Mara Kids Fund wishes to bring this project to a higher level and wishes to raise enough funds to start the construction of its first school in the Mara Region.
Local needs far exceed our ability to satisfy the total demand of help for children, but we will do our best to meet this growing demand. Hundreds of orphans are helped by our joint efforts, and we hope to help more in the near future. There is a waiting list of over a hundred orphans: our goal is to include as many orphans as possible in this help and support.
In order to ensure the daily needs and education of an orphan we need only 25 euros per month, and donations are tax deductible (from 40 € / year).
This support includes organic food, school uniforms, clothes, school and other supplies and healthcare for the orphans and their guardians.

Support a child *. It only costs 25€. This can be done alone or with others, friends, as a class project or business; A 25€ donation will make a huge difference in the life of one of these orphans. It can mean the difference between life in the streets, or life with a caring foster family, educational opportunities, health care and the nutritional support that all children deserve.


* Donations are tax deductible from 40 EUR / year.

Your donations can be made on the King Baudouin Foundation’s account:
IBAN: BE10000000000404
Mention: «012/1070/00032»

A partnership in terms of patronage or sponsorship will enable companies to help us. We will share your logo and information on our website as well as in the projects supported. This sponsorship can take many forms. Besides donating money (for a specific project or not), your industry can help us and be helpful: print media, donation and harvesting equipment, equipment transportation, …